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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News: Rocket Records to reissue Nimbus, TT Oksala, and 3rd Haikara album

Thanks to a tip from our friend Progvarius, we learned this morning that Rocket Records will be reissuing the excellent Nimbus "Obus" album. I've been waiting for this announcement for some time, hoping that Rocket would eventually reissue it. Here's our original entry. Another Priority 2 (borderline 1) reissued! And Rocket always does a first class job.

In addition to the Nimbus album, Rocket will be reissuing T.T. Oksala's "Radio Storm", an album I haven't personally heard but one that Provarius says is quite good. And, finally, look for the reissue of Haikara's 3rd album "Iso Lintu". It's a far cry from their classic first 2 albums "Haikara" and "Geafar", but I'm sure there are many who will be glad to complete the collection. This will be its first ever reissue.


spacefreak said...

Great news. Keep us posted my friend!

Achim Breiling said...

Hi Tom,

I just got that from Rocket Records. Nice Reissue with a very long and detailed band history ... all in Finnish! Well ... :-)

And it has 2 great lengthy bonus tracks with slightly lesser sound quality. Nice stuff!



Tom said...

Thanks Achim for the comment! I have good news for you - I have an English translation of the Nimbus liner notes as provided by a friend in Finland. I will be publishing them as soon as I get the CD myself!

Achim Breiling said...

Hi Tom,

oh ... great! Well, then we would need also translations for the liner notes of Scapa Flow, Fantasy, Unisono ... and all the other Rocket releases! Is your friend very busy? :-)



Tom said...

Hi Achim,

We already have those! Go to the Unencumbered site and you'll see them (Scapa Flow, Fantasia, and Session - with Nimbus on the way). Those are the only ones I requested for. I hated to ask for any more since I'm sure it took a long time to do them! :-)

- Tom