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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cynara, USA

Cynara - s/t. 1970 Capitol

Yet another one from the CD-R revisit project that had an entry in the main list. Nothing extraordinary, but not a bad album.

One of the more interesting American groups from the late 1960's was a Boston based band called Listening, who released one superb album on the Vanguard label. Cynara is the band that formed from the ashes of Listening. Their sole album is an eclectic mix, just as Listening was, but not near as groundbreaking, rocking, or exciting. The first side is pretty much straight up organ rock, while the flip is filled by two long compositions with a jazz piano/organ lounge feel throughout. Yet another USA major label album from the confused year of 1970 that stops short of meeting expectations.

As is often the case with major label albums that have never been reissued, bootlegs abound.

Priority: none

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