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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Iliad, USA

Iliad - Distances. 1976 Northern Lights
Iliad - Sapphire House. 1978 Northern Lights

Moved to UMR

Priority: 1 (for Sapphire House)


Anonymous said...


I had the second Album once and
I remember it as piano driven New Age. There where very lite ELP touches sometimes.

I also remember to have seen some
made-to-order CDr offers for the
first one somewhere. I doubt that those where legal.


Purple Peak Records said...

I suspected as much regarding Sapphire House. I'll try to keep an open mind :-)

Thanks for the comments TheH!

Seacliff Twosome said...

We have the 1976 pressing and just decided to listen tonight again - first loved it at the beach south of Carpinteria in 76-80. It's as fab as it was back then. Assume these guys didn't stay together as we can't find other albums. Should definitely be a CD!

Purple Peak Records said...

Awesome - Thanks for sharing that experience Seacliff!