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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr. Dopo Jam, Denmark

Dr. Dopo Jam - Fat Dogs and Danishmen. 1974 Zebra (Germany)
Dr. Dopo Jam - Crusin' at Midnite. 1981 private

Notes and release details for Fat Dogs and Danishmen moved to UMR

Crusin' at Midnite is a surprisingly great album for such a late date. Some really strong guitar, flute, synth and violin soloing + electric piano drives most of the songs. Plus plenty of nice horn charts. And the goofball quotient is mercifully down, though not completely out. There's also a funky edge present (think some of the late 70's Krautrock groups like Aera or To Be maybe).

Their debut Entree was reissued by Karma in 2004, so hopefully they'll finish the discography eventually. Pirate editions exist for Fat Dogs, so watch out there.

Priority: 3

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