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Friday, May 18, 2012

Roberto Picchi, Italy

Roberto Picchi - Raggi di Sole. 1977 Fonit-Cetra.

Midwest Mike just sent in a bunch of goodies to consider. Before I get to that stack, here is a surprising album that fell through the cracks.

Picchi's sole work is technically listed as a singer-songwriter album, but with most of the tracks exceeding 7 minutes, you can bet that instrumental progressive rock music is also being employed. Acoustic guitar, violin, piano, sax, flute and hand percussion lead the instrumental parade. Comparisons to the best of Claudio Rocchi, Mauro Pagani and Emilio Locurcio wouldn't be out of place. A late era Fonit-Cetra release, and comes at the tail end of the original Italian progressive rock movement. One of the very few Italian progressive rock albums still not on CD. Features a wonderful gatefold cover. A natural choice for BTF.

Priority: 3


Tristan Stefan said...

I told you it was good! But wasn't it more than a year ago that I mentioned this as something to listen to? ;-)

Purple Peak Records said...

Indeed you did Mr. Stefan, indeed you did :-)

strawbsfan said...

Good pick Tom! I have to go and dig this one out from one of my boxes. It's been ages since I last listen to it.