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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News: Picap reissues Jazz rock bands Barcelona Traction, Blay Tritono and Musica Urbana

The following jazz rock and jazz funk albums have been reissued by Picap of Spain. The first two, I believe, have never been reissued prior.

Barcelona Traction - s/t. 1975
Blay Tritono - Clot 20. 1976
Musica Urbana - s/t. 1975 (repress)


mggomes said...

Hi Tom!
This is great news, as all these albums are great.

The first two, however, had already received CD treatment some years ago on the PDI label:

Barcelona Traction - S/T (PDI 80.4194)
Blay Tritono - Clot 20 (PDI 80.3530)


Tom said...

Hi Miguel and thanks for your comment. I didn't realize that, so very good to know!

Hope you're doing well!