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Sunday, June 7, 2009

October, USA

October - s/t. 1979 Charisma Sound Studios.
October - After the Fall. 1980 private.

I bought the first LP from Greg Syn-Phonic back in the early 90s. "After the Fall" remains as probably the single rarest US progressive rock album, with supposedly only 25 pressed, each with a hand painted watercolor cover. I can honestly say that in all the years I've been collecting, I've never seen one actually for sale. CDRWL benefactor Heavyrock paid dearly for one, and it's a site to behold. And that's where my CD-R is burned from.

October are a Detroit, Michigan area based progressive band. Their sound is a unique combination of symphonic prog rock with a pronounced fusion flair, probably due to the abundance of electric violin. The vocals have that late 1970s "private press voice" that is found on many albums from America during this time. Strangely, the vocals remind me a bit of the guy from Babylon, though not quite as Gabriel-esque. "After the Fall" is more symphonic rock oriented, and a bit looser in structure. Long passages are reserved for jamming and other instrumental experiments. Both albums have stood the test of time well.

Neither have been reissued legitimately on CD to date, though bootlegs abound. Greg Walker did tell me he has the masters, so we just need to arm-twist him into releasing them! I'm flying to Utah now to do just that :-)

Priority: 2


apps79 said...

hi...is there any more info about the complete line-up of the band ?

Tom said...

Hello, I can only address the first album, but the lineup on the LP states:

Pat Carson - Drums

Mark Krench - Piano, electric piano, recorder

Mark Sterling - Mini Moog, Moog Sonic Six, Micro Moog, Elka Strings, Arp Omni 2, Arp Strings

Jeff Rozany - Electric and acoustic bass

Brad Tolinski - Electric and acoustic violins

Sterling and Tolinski each play electric and acoustic guitars on a couple of tracks.

apps79 said...

great info and superb blog!
I've been following your work for a long time and have found significant info and rare/unknown material by bands I was'nt aware of...

thanks a lot and congrats!!!take care!

Tom said...

Thanks Apps79!

Anonymous said...

I can't find another tracks of this band. If you have a link to download or just to hear trakcs - put it here.