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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kraftwerk - Organisation, Germany

Organisation - Tone Float. 1970 RCA.
Kraftwerk - s/t. 1971 Philips.
Kraftwerk - II. 1972 Philips.
Kraftwerk - Ralf and Florian. 1973 Philips.

Other than maybe Tim Buckley, this has to be the single most recognized name in the entire CD Reissue Wishlist. The first Kraftwerk and the Organisation album are practically the invention of the term Krautrock as we know it. "II" and "Ralf & Florian" begin down the metronomic man-machine path that made Kraftwerk so famous. These are the experimental albums before they hit the big time.

These guys are too powerful to let record execs bully them, so it appears it is they alone who do not want anyone to get their paws on them. Which is why all of these have thrived in the bootleg market. That's a shame.

Priority: 1 (based on Organisation and the first Kraftwerk album)


Reimer said...

Agreed that 'Tone Float' & the 1970 K LP are sort-of-lost masterpieces. Hutter & co's disavowal of them is a judgement on a par with their decision to keep going long after perfecting their mission-statement schtick on 'TEE' - ie they are birks.
Wonder if we'll ever hear the 35 mins recorded by by the Schneider/Rother/Dinger line-up...?

Tom said...

Thanks Reimer for the comment. I think I meant to followup with you way back when. Sorry about that! Anyway, we can only hope for CDs and unearthed material like we see on YouTube.