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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laurelie, Belgium

Laurelie - s/t. 1970 Triangle.

A surprisingly nice discovery for the time and place, and one of the big time Belgian rarities up there with Irish Coffee and Waterloo. Laurelie, musically speaking, could be considered the next level up from the large freakbeat movement that was all the rage in The Netherlands and Belgium in the late 1960s (groups like the Wallace Connection, for example). English vocals are a bit suspect, but the sophistication and exploration of ideas is considerably more than what is normally found in Continental Europe at such an early date. Wonderful fuzz guitar, old keyboard sounds and especially the flute drive the melodic and tonal contents. The 22 minute, multi-part closer has many great ideas. Holds up better than most. Bass player went on to Jenghiz Khan.

Reissued on LP in 2011 by PhilMarie Productions. Maybe a CD will follow?
Priority: 3

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