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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Osiris, Japan

Osiris - In the Mist of Time. 1980 private.

One man band fancies himself as a Richard Pinhas virtuoso, complete with dark synthesizer runs and ominous guitar journeys. However, there are those annoying late 1970s and early 1980s cheesy synth tones, that in turn bog down a promising album. Especially when considering the wonderful mad bursts of fuzz guitar that come out of nowhere. Worth a few listens, but not essential. Fans of artists like Ilitch would certainly benefit from a CD reissue, and that would be the target audience.

Rateyourmusic lists many more titles than this by Osiris, but "In the Mist of Time" is the only I've ever seen in catalogs (and I owned the vinyl for about 10 years as well).

Please note the comment below from the original artist.

Priority: None


nobuhisa said...

>Rateyourmusic lists many more titles than this by Osiris

He have released plenty of titles as cassette only release, so RYM might be listing them ?


Tom said...

Yes, that's probably what they are. Thanks Nobuhisa for the clarification! - Tom

Anonymous said...


You can get a couple of music in the following brand new CD,titles,
and you can also get my latest interview in Eurock's web site;

Hiro Kawahara, ex Osiris,Heretic