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Monday, November 30, 2009

Malachi, England

Malachi - s/t. 1971 EMI / Columbia 054 23286

Combines the feel-good groovy instrumental organ rock of Eden Rose with the more measured introspective UK scene like Cressida or Still Life. Sounds a bit dated for 1971, more like 1969 – probably due to the “carnival” sound of the organ, which is the dominant instrument.

12/18/2010 update: I found an old ebay auction (thank you popsike!) that helps clarify some of the mystery here. The auction states: "Strange story here: 4 UK guys recorded this album in Belgium and only released in Italy". Mauro Moroni of Mellow had provided me the above countries many years ago, but I didn't know the context (I've never even seen the LP myself). I also posted the photo that came with the auction, as it provides a more true image.

Watch out for bootlegs on this title.

Priority: 3

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