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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poliphony, England *** REISSUED ***

Poliphony - s/t. 1973 Zella.

*** Reissued by Audio Archives, June 2012 ***

Very nice instrumental jazz psych record. Not too far from some of the Italian film library bands like Fourth Sensation or Psycheground or even the UK group Hungry Wolf. Some nice fuzz leads and flute. Also some jazz-tone guitar and plenty of Rhodes. I think a little more fire in the belly would have lead to a tier 1 wishlister, but it's still close. Well worth seeking out. Not to be confused with the more well known US band Polyphony.

Priority: 3


Eddie Lascu said...

The cover of the CD that was recently released by Audio Archives(which I own, the CD, not the label) is of a different color, a pink of some sort. RateYourMusic.com shows the right color. What you have, I believe is the cover of the original LP. Also, on the front cover, with fine print, under the first "P" of the name of the band it says "An album of Jazz, Blues and Rock". I wonder if that was maybe intended as the name of the album.

Tom said...

Hi Eddie, I noticed that too about the color. I just figured that's how the band wanted it, or if the reissue label just got creative. I never did pick up the CD myself. But you are right, mine is the original LP cover. I think it was originally intended as a film library album of some sort, and I wonder if that's the jazz, blues, and rock meaning?