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Saturday, March 30, 2013

News: Cosmic Circus to be reissued by Garden of Delights soon!

Here's some exciting news! This has been on GoD's coming soon list for awhile, and now it's coming to fruition. We featured Cosmic Circus last year thanks to the generosity of the Roots and Traces blog (and be sure to read the Lolly Pope's comment - more exciting news!). So the big question remains: How is the sound quality? We won't know until we get it of course, or at least start hearing from advance reviews. Musically, of course, it is brilliant. Label says: "Cosmic Circus Music from Göttingen in Lower Saxony played some extremely long spacey improvisations in the manner of the early Ash Ra Tempel without, however, trying to copy them. They do completely without lyrics but even so never become boring. As they didn't release any records back then - one MC on Andromeda Press had been planned for 1973 which then, however, didn't appear - they have hardly been known to the public as yet. There has only been one longer report on them, namely in "Sounds" issue 55 from September 1973. The CD at hand is full to the brim and includes a gig taking place in a Wiesbaden hall called Wartburg on July 14th, 1973. The stereo sound is not perfect but acceptable. During the second part of their gig, the band was joined by guest musician Tim Belbe from Xhol (Caravan), playing the transverse flute."

GoD also announced the CD reissue of Virus' "Revelation" will be coming shortly with two additional bonus tracks and the usual informative booklet we expect from them. Most assuredly this will be an improvement on the very basic Second Battle release from 1991 that I still own. Though I'm sure sound purists will protest that comment. I plan on upgrading myself. It should be noted that Second Battle later reissued this in 1997 with two bonus tracks in a digi-pak format, but I haven't seen that version so I can't comment much further. 

And for vinyl only buyers, look for Siddhartha and Vita Nova - both successfully reissued on CD by GoD many years ago - which are both available as we speak.


Anonymous said...

it's even better: walter n., the head of GoD informed me, that the version we've posted on roots and traces (about 42 minutes) is only half of the concert. his release will bring the full 75 minutes. lolly pope.

Purple Peak Records said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for letting us know (and for your original share)!

Anonymous said...

me again... this time I'd like to point your attention at the newest post on spurensicherung.blogspot.com "Musikalische Gruppenimprovisation", a German LP recorded 71-73 with members of Annexus Quam, Kollektiv and Bröselmaschine. You can listen to it there, but I guess this should be re-released in CD quality, if anyone is able to find the mastertapes. Yours, Lolly Pope

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Lolly Pope - I will definitely check it out!