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Monday, August 19, 2013

News: King Records of Japan to reissue many progressive titles

Today we received news that the venerable label King Records plans on reissuing a couple dozen obscure Japanese progressive titles from the 1980s in the mini-LP format. I think most of these have been on CD prior (though long OOP), but the one that caught my eye is the debut album by Kennedy. It may have come out on CD before, but I've never been able to validate that. The second album, of course, is widely available. The Kennedy will be available in October. Many of the other titles from this batch will receive a September release.

On the same topic, and worth noting, is that Belle Antique of Japan plans on issuing the Klockwerk Orange on CD in the mini-LP format (release late September). This will be the full double LP version as presented by Digatone earlier this summer. So for those of you who were bemoaning having to buy the LP just to get the CD (which, BTW, doesn't include all the bonus tracks as the LP reissue), your patience will be rewarded. Of course the price point probably will be similar since it's a double CD in the mini-LP format...


bas janssen said...

Hi Tom,

Do you have a link with all the titles they're going to reissue?

Cheers, Bas

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Bas,

Here's what I know so far:

King Records (Japanese Progressive Rock ; Nexus/Crime/Billbox label in 1980's) ;
ASTURIAS Circle In The Forest (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
ASTURIAS Brilliant Streams (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
ASTURIAS Cryptogram Illusion (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
SOPHIA Defiance (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
TERUTSUGU HIRAYAMA Symphonia (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
TERU'S SYMPHONIA Human Race Party (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
HISAKATSU IGARASHI Puzzle (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
GERARD Irony Of Fate (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
VIENNA Progress ; Last Live (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
OUTER LIMITS A Boy Playing The Magical Bugle Horn (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Sep.11
AIN SOPH Hat And Field (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
99.99 99.99 (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
99.99 More Of Four Nine (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
DADA Dada (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
KENNEDY Twinkling Nasa (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
PAGENT La Mosaique De La Reverie (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
PAGENT The Pay For Dreamer's Sin (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
PROVIDENCE And I'll Recite On Old Myth From (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
PROVIDENCE There Once Was A Night Of 'Choko-muro' The Paradise (mini LP
MAGDALENA Magdalena (mini LP sleeve)CD/(2,500)/2,375/1s&h/Oct.09
(More 10 titles in November)

Belle Antique ;
KLOCKBERK ORANGE Abrakadabra +5 <'75 Austlia>(mini LP sleeve)shm-CD+CD/(4,200)/3,990/2s&h/Sep.25
AIN SOPH Ride On A Camel ; Special Live Vol.1 (mini LP sleeve)shm-CD/(3,300)/3,135/1s&h/Sep.25
AIN SOPH Mysterious Triangle ; Special Live Vol.2 (mini LP sleeve)shm-CD/(3,300)/3,135/1s&h/Sep.25
AIN SOPH Quicksand ; Special Live Vol.3 (mini LP sleeve)shm-CD/(3,300)/3,135/1s&h/Sep.25
DADA Castle Wall +1 (mini LP sleeve)shm-CD/(3,300)/3,135/1s&h/Sep.25

Sorry for the spacing :-)

- Tom

bas janssen said...


Hehe, Klockberk Orange from Austlia. I'll admit that my Japanese is rubbish, too, though :-)