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Friday, June 13, 2014

Child's Play, USA

Child's Play - s/t. 1979 Moonlight Records

Here's another album that arrived from the last CD-R pile sent in from Midwest Mike. I liked it so much, I immediately set out to buy an original copy, and lo and behold a sealed LP was up for auction on ebay at a cheap price. The photo above is indeed that copy (and fortunately the ring wear was only on the shrink wrap - which has now been safely removed and stored into a nice polyurethane sleeve). I've been so busy at work, that the LP arrived over a week ago, and I'm finely able to sit down to get a fresh and proper listen and pen an entry for the CDRWL.

Child's Play are an all instrumental progressive fusion band from Richmond, Virginia who successfully mix melodic and atmospheric composition with kinetic jazz school chops. Piano and electric guitar get the lion's share of attention, and the tracks move at a fast clip, keeping the listener's attention focused at all times. Plenty of excellent guitar solos, with some wah-wah applied to great effect. I really appreciate the psychedelic tones he achieves. The ivory tickling here is very impressive as well. The rhythm section does a great job of holding it all together with some crisp fills and meter shifting. Actual attention is paid to composition as well, so the album is not just a flimsy excuse for non-stop boring solos. For 70s fusion fans, this is a guaranteed hit. File alongside Genre (New Mexico), 3PM (North Carolina), and Momentum (California). Another great find from MM!

Priority: 2


Mitch said...

I saw them play many times in Norfolk, VA and they were as fun to watch play as listen to, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so well. I still have my original LP and a live cassette I need to get digitized.

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Mitch,

Great to hear stories like this. Thanks for the comment!

- Tom

Michael said...

Child's Play used to play regularly at Sam Miller's/Warehouse in Shockhoe Slip, Richmond, Va. Used to be a bar back & bartender & loved to watch/hear them play! Fond memories -about '77 & '80 I think. Got a buyer here Mitch if you do!

Michael said...

Used to hear/watch Child's Play at Sam Miller's/Warehouse in Shockhoe Slip, Richmond, Va 1977 & 1980(?) while bar backing & bartending. Hazy memories! Great talent...where are they now?!?!. Thanks Tom & thanks Mitch!