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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mark Pierson Band, USA

Mark Pierson Band - Songs for the Sirens. 1976 Gothic

Mark Pierson is one of a seemingly endless number of folks to consider use of the generic rainbow album cover. The kind of sleeve you expect to find at Goodwill for 10 cents fronting the "The Megachurch All-Stars Sing The Osmonds" (with one tube of toothpaste included!). And yet here we are again with another splendid AC discovery. A quick look around the webosphere demonstrates this one is rare as hen's teeth. Nope - I couldn't find one for myself, so it's open season folks. And when one does get found, look out - high dollars are on their way. If your local Salvation Army has a copy - run and get it now. Because it has been discovered.

The AC modestly describes this as: "Unusual and extremely obscure jazz-rock effort from this Worcester, Massachusetts based ensemble. Flute and lightly amplified jazz guitar lead the way through a mostly tuneful set of tracks (no free jazz freak outs here). An introspective, almost melancholy tone defines this album, which won't knock your socks off with its energy or virtuosity, but is engaging and appealing on its own terms." All of which is agreeable from my vantage point - I found this album to be an extremely pleasant piece of music. And there's an underground experimentalism found here that gives off a whiff of Ohr era Krautrockian glory. Perhaps the abundance of flute plays a major role in this perception. We tend to forget that many of the original German underground rockers had a jazz background before entering the studio stoned out of their frickin' minds. Now - to be clear - this is a straight up instrumental jazz rock album in the mold of MPS moreso than a Kosmische Musik freakout session. But one that is wonderfully underproduced which gives it that underground garage feel. All considered, I dug this one tremendously, and would line up for a CD reissue should one ever surface. Doubtful, but hey, we've seen more obscure stuff get reissued now haven't we?

Priority: 2


esoterico said...

Tough to find, indeed! I've been looking for this for a couple of years now, with no luck. Never seen a copy at shows here in N.E.. GREAT album!

Greg Mattingly said...

Trickles of jazz guitar runs through out. Guitar guys take notice! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rich Kneeland, producer of this album. Interesting take on it. Richkn22@charter.net

Rich Kneel said...

Rich kneeland, producer of this album here. Nice review.