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Friday, February 5, 2010

Svenska Lod AB, Sweden *** REISSUED ***

Svenska Löd AB - Hörselmat. 1971 private.

*** Reissued by Creole Stream December, 2011 ***

One of the rarest albums from Sweden, if not THE rarest. Primarily a jazz funk album with blues overtones, that features none other than Janne Schaffer on guitar. Pressed in a micro quantity of 200 copies. Privately released album in an era when that kind of thing was unheard of. Great production, and some splendid guitar, trumpet, sax and organ work (ESPECIALLY the organ). Opening track is a killer horn rock piece ala primo Chicago. I can see this album being a huge hit with the DJ beatdigger hipster crowd. A little out of scope of our normal fare, but felt its rarity alone was worth its inclusion here.

Priority: 3


Bacoso said...


Tom said...

Hi Bacoso,

Yes, I saw that too and asked a friend in Japan if he knew it was legit or not. He wasn't sure. The only other CD I know on Creole Stream is Namaz and it looked legit.

Lacking any other data - I'm going to announce this as reissued/completed.

Thanks for the comment!

- Tom