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Monday, July 19, 2010

First Light, Australia

First Light - s/t. 1978 MFS (Music Farm Studios).

First Light is a mighty fine instrumental jazz rock effort. Sunny in its approach, with some fine guitar leads, at times reaching a Santana like intensity, but falls just short (sadly). Some nice ensemble unison runs with sax, flute, electric piano, and the female voice on side 2 gives it a Northettes feel, that adds points. Back cover says: "Mellotron and special effects kindly supplied by Aleph". Solid effort. File next to Crossfire and Mackenzie Theory. A natural choice for Aztec I think.

According to a good friend of this site, we have it on authority (someone who knew the band) that 1978 is the correct release year.

Martin from Germany tells us: "FIRST LIGHT from australia is the band formed by ALEPH drummer Ron Carpenter. He also plays with AC DC in 1974 and COLD CHISEL in 1978. Release date must be 1979 i guess."

Priority: 3


The Tutorial Machine said...

• http://rapidshare.com/files/435586980/First_Light__AUS__-_Same_1978.rar

• http://rapidshare.com/files/417032368/First_Light__AUS__-_Same.rar

(source links : mainly taken from PNF)

Art cover :
• http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BRKN2EHJ

I hope the above URL's still working.

The Tutorial Machine

The Tutorial Machine said...

First Light - First Light LP (MSF, 1978)

Side 1
First Light
Emerald Tide
Sonidos Negros

Side 2
Earth Wave
Tropical Inequation
Azure Azimuth
Solar Ullusion
Fire In The West

John Gray - Electric, Classical and Acoustic Guitars
Harry Freeman - Electric and Acoustic Pianos, SH 5 and Moog synthesisers, string ensemble
Graham Jesse - Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxes, Flute
Allan Freeman - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Roc Carpenter - Drums, Mellotron, Vocals
Marion Henderson, Beth Freeman, Jeanette Freeman - Vocals
Gerald Frape - Percussion

Recorded at Music Farm Studios, Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell, NSW, 2482, Australia.

Tom said...

Thanks The Tutorial Machine for the detail!