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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Michel Moulinie, France

Michel Moulinie - Chrysalide. 1978 Crypto.

Musea had this on their "coming soon" as far back as the late 1990s. Never did come out.

Here's our review from the Unencumbered Music Reviews blog:

Primary instrumentation: Acoustic and electric guitar, bass, violin


Tracks (* - highlights):
1. Le Ballet des Mouches
*2. Les Cordes de la Mar
*3. L'Echo de L'Acier
4. Le Philtre d'Echordus
*5. Lente Course

One man show Moulinie crafted his sole work for the Crypto label in 1978. Perfect for the time and place, Moulinie's work is similar to other like minded French underground artists such as Phillippe Besombes and Richard Pinhas. The use of acoustic guitar gives the recording a warm touch, that can be missing from the more clinical works of the era. I would guess that Moulinie was quite familiar with some of Mike Oldfield's classic works at this stage. The violin (or as it is credited "guitare violin") has a haunting, almost mellotron-like sound. On 3) and 5), Moulinie experiments with sound on sound techniques, that recall Manuel Gottsching on "Inventions For Electric Guitar". A very beautiful album, and one that has no peer in terms of sound and execution.

Priority: 1

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