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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Schwarzarbeit, Germany

Schwarzarbeit - s/t. 1979 private.
Schwarzarbeit - Traum oder Wirklichkeit. 1982 private.

Good ole Schwarzarbeit. I bought the second album well over 20 years ago, and was surprised to find out that it's still without a CD issue. And that's because of Musea's issue of their 3rd album "James Gordon's Story", which I also bought at the time of release (1994/1995). So now I've finally heard the debut, and I can say that Schwarzarbeit are remarkably consistent. The key word with Schwarzarbeit is "almost". They're almost very good. The debut starts off with a pretty awful vocal number only to be followed by 8 well done melodic rock instrumentals. The second album is similar as is their final album (only released on CD). Schwarzarbeit are the kind of group that is nice to have in the collection, but not one you'll pull out with any kind of regularity. There's always something better to listen to. But it could be worse. It's almost great.

Priority: none

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