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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Charlies, Finland

Charlies - Buttocks. 1970 Love.

I've had this record languishing in my collection for years, and didn't realize how great it was until yesterday. I only possess a bootleg LP, that was sent to me about 15 years ago as an afterthought. I played once or twice, thought it was good enough to keep, and filed it in the collection. And while doing some weeding out, I came across it again.

Had you told me this was from 1970 England or 1971 Germany, I would have believed you. Fantastic loud acid guitar, amplified sax, soft acoustic guitar and flute, tribal percussion and deep vocals. It's the blues-rock-jazz sound that was so popular during this era, and one of my personal favorite styles. If you like groups from Germany such as Nosferatu, Ardo Dombec and Alcatraz or the UK bands like Diabolus and Raw Material, then this one is for you. Very energetic release.

There are bootlegs out there, but no legit release to date (11/12/13 update: There is now a legit LP reissue on Shadoks, but they have stated they won't be doing the CD). They also have a second album, that was a soundtrack to a Finnish B-film. And that was released on CD legit in the early 1990s. I haven't heard it yet, but plan to soon. (and I have now heard it, and it's unfortunately just a plain blues rock album that lacks any of the invention of "Buttocks").

Priority: 2


Anonymous said...

I take it that the Red Fox Records CD reissue (RF 626, "Made under license by GCR A/S") is also a bootleg? This disc certainly wasn't mastered from a vinyl source, so whoever pressed it must have had a friend who worked at a pressing plant that kept all their tapes, or something like that.

And I'll take a guess and say that the inside source was most likely inside something as far down the chain as a pressing plant, because this sounds compressed and is lacking a proper low-end for a digital medium in much the same way a vinyl master would sound if you just stuck it on a CD. Or maybe this is a legitimate reissue, and someone over at Red Fox Records had no clue, when it came to proper CD remastering.

The label doesn't exist anymore, last time I checked.

Tom said...

Red Fox are a known pirate label. They have many releases that aren't authorized. Unfortunately. Interesting that this one has the proper sound, as the few I've heard are substandard, but I've not heard their reissue of Charlies. Myself, I only own the bootleg LP (on Hell), which also sounds good.