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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Living Force, New Zealand

Living Force - s/t. 1977 Atlantic.

1972-1974 era Santana is the obvious blueprint here. Plenty of Sri Chinmoy spirituality references, not to mention the trademark guitar style. The Santana reference is most apparent on the percussion heavy instrumentals. The song styled tracks are more in line with other bands from Australasia during the 70s. I hear bits of Pantha in particular, and smaller doses of Dragon, Ragnarok, and Sebastian Hardie. Only misstep is ‘Sail This Boat’, an insipid pop number that wouldn’t be out of place on a time travel American Idol. Wished they’d done an entirely instrumental album – it would’ve been a killer. Post Spacefarm. Boots exist. An ideal candidate for Aztec.

Priority: 3


Richard said...

nice blog.

Richard /Germany

hani said...

Hi there.. did you know that "The Ticket" has been reissued recently on CD which is Eddie Hansen (from the Living Force) in his earlier band "The Ticket"


(He's my dad, btw)

Tom said...

Hello Hani,

Yes, I did see that. Both of the Ticket albums are fine hard rock albums. That's cool he's your Dad! Thanks for the comment!

- Tom