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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pascal Duffard, France

Pascal Duffard - Dieu est Fou. 1976 CBS.

Two words that go well together are wacky and.... French. And this album fits that statement like a glove. Only in France would an album like this find its way onto a major label. I could imagine hearing Albert Marcouer, upon listening to "Dieu est Fou", saying something like "Pascal Duffard? Yea, now that guy is different!".

Throughout the album, there's a distinct flavor of French Pop music of the male vocal variety (ala Serge Gainesbourg or Julien Clerc). Combine this with an avant garde mindset (opera, laughing, cries, electronics, etc..) and you have a French Chanson meets Pierrot Lunaire type vibe. Unique and worth seeking out.

Priority: 3

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