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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Games, USA

Games - Stargazer. 1977 Cascade Court.

I was recently reminded of this Florida (scratch that - thanks to a comment from Eric, the band are from Los Angeles!) group who pretty much stick to the progressive oriented AOR album formula, like their Midwest brethren to the north. The music also recalls the all female UK group Mother Superior, which was reissued on the Audio Archives label a few years back. And, on my last listen, I picked up a whiff of classic Alan Parsons Project. Overall, a mix of complex progressive and more pop oriented material.

This was considered one of the big rarities in the 1990s, so I obtained a cassette from a friend back then. I don't think the quality of the album has been able to maintain its mystique, and nowadays is actually quite reasonable if you're in the market for an original.

Priority: none


Anonymous said...

I spoke to the founder of this group several years ago. Not from Florida, but California. The band were a fixture on the L.A. club scene with bands like The Knack and The Motels supporting Games at places like the Roxy. An association with west coast/ AOR crooner Paul Davis went sour although I have tracks for their unreleased second album which is more poppier, but very good. Female lead went on to appear in Movies and TV as well as Broadway.

Glory Daze Music

Purple Peak Records said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks so much for all your comments today!

- Tom