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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News: BTF releases Garybaldi archive album

If nothing else, what an absolutely AMAZING cover. Wow, I wish all new releases took the time and effort to put out something like this. Time to put away the Photoshop tools I think, and get back to real paintings such as this.

This cover of course is an homage to what I consider one of the top 10 LP covers of all-time: The triple fold out of "Nuda". One of my prized possessions.

Garybaldi - Note Perdute

"An amazing collection of rarities for one of the most important bands of Italian 70′s prog-rock: Garybaldi. This anthology contains a track that was meant to be included in their Gleemen debut, some live and alternate versions recorded between 1969 and 1998, and an amazing gem, three live tracks recorded during the Naples Be-In festival of 1973, one of the very few testimonies of those legendary festivals, as in those times no one used to record gigs in Italy! The CD version of this release also includes a special DVD documentary dedicated to Garybaldi with some amazing interviews and vintage videos. Also a vinyl version for collectors will be released.
The artwork has been entirely conceived by Matteo Guarnaccia, one of the most important psychedelic painters in Italy: inspired by the famous “Nuda” cover art, he draw a marvellous triple gatefold artwork.

This record will be celebrate in 4 different releases:
1) Triple gatefold LP with 180g black vinyl and a 25x60cm poster with vintage pics of Garybaldi/Gleemen.
2) Triple gatefold LP with multicolor vinyl, a 25x60cm poster with vintage pics of Garybaldi/Gleemen, a special glossy deluxe transparent 60x90cm maxiposter with 24 original comic cartoons drawn by Matteo Guarnaccia, numbered and autographed by the artist himself. Limited edition of 100 copies.
3) “Garybaldi-Guarnaccia” box containing: Triple gatefold LP with 180g black vinyl, the two 25x60cm photographic and 60x90cm comic posters, the CD+DVD release and one of the 24 original drawings inclued in the deluxe poster. Limited edition of 24 copies, available only on Matteo Guarnaccia exhibitions.
4) CD+DVD in triple papersleeve format. Contains the CD and the DVD with over one hour of Garybaldy rock-umentary, with interviews of all band members and many vintage videos of the golden age of Italian prog.

Il volto stanco della gente (unreleased)
Hai messo al rogo M. H. (alternate version)
Harold (live 1998)
Luci buie (Live 1973)
Madre di cose perdute (Live 1973)
Sette? (Live 1973)
Passaminabirra (unreleased, live)"

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