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Monday, June 18, 2012

News: Poliphony to be reissued by Audio Archives

The always interesting Audio Archives has announced their intention to reissue the very rare film library album by Poliphony. This is a surprise choice, but a very welcome one. Poliphony is a fine addition to the CD collection and is one of our Priority 3's.

Here's our original entry for Poliphony, an album I first heard at Heavyrock's place a few years ago.


esoterico said...

For some reason, I never was able to get into this album. It seems there is a lack of something, I don't know! Maybe too tame? I've had the original vinyl and ended up trading it away.

Purple Peak Records said...

I know what you mean Bogdan. I had a similar feeling which is why I said it would be nice if it had more fire in the belly. All the same, it will be nice to have on CD.