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Saturday, October 17, 2015

News: Krautrock box takes OAS concept to new levels of dumb

Oh for crying out loud, really? When the Original Album Series first sprang about, it seemed like a good way to buy a band's discography on the cheap. Nice little cardboard album covers, sometimes good sound, but at a handsome price. It was a great way to catch up on groups like The Who or Jefferson Airplane, that kind of thing. But then they started doing it for groups such as Catherine Ribeiro/Alpes, an artist who deserves much more care to each album. For the common bands, that's already been done, but not for the more obscure artists like Ms. Ribeiro. But if you don't care about such things, at least you are getting many releases from one artist at a cheap price. I guess it's not any crazier than those Progressive Italia boxes, which sadly remains the only way to get those splendid Sensations' Fix albums on CD.

But this Krautrock box is really ridiculous. What a great selection eh? So well thought out. So what do these albums have in common? They're from Germany. Oh, and they were originally on Telefunken. That's it. Musically they couldn't possibly be any more disparate. Everyone gets so carried away with the Krautrock term - but it should have more meaning than just rock from Germany. Well, whatever. All these have been reissued on CD before, and I think most are OOP. I just wanted to vent...

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