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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

News: Shadoks to reissue Blueset from Sweden

I ran across this bit of news while doing my monthly research. However, I wasn't familiar with this 1974 album, and waited until last night to hear it. Our trusty aid YouTube came in handy again, and I heard the album in full. I would have tagged this a Priority None (borderline 3), but it's still a fine piece, and my notes below captures (briefly) my initial experience. Shadoks has confirmed they will be reissuing it both on LP and CD, the latter not always a given with the fine label.

Blueset's album is mostly straight up blues rock, though special mention goes to 'Vibrationer I Folkton'*  which sounds like Kebnekaise on a bender. I'll drink to that! 

* - It's a 4 part, 13+ minute track, so definitely worthy of mention.

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