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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Uludag, Germany

Uludag - Mau Mau. 1988 Review.

Back to the archives we go... Here's the kind of album that is considerably more popular with my Gnosis brethren than myself. It's the kind of late 1980s dissonant avant progressive that I can appreciate mentally, but it leaves me cold afterward. More academic than emotional. The older I get, the more the latter means to me when considering music that matters. I still have the LP, patiently awaiting the next ebay sale. We'll give it one more chance before the bus picks it up.

One would hope that with a label like Review, I could actually find one. My rather curt observation states: "A cross between various Oriental musics and avant progressive rock. All instrumental and unlike any other album. Groundbreaking, though not necessarily that enjoyable on the whole."

For a more positive take, one of my RYM friends, Fastro, writes: "Imagine loosely slashing avant-prog drums and dynamic (slashing) bass/guitar empowerment into chinese music + some electronic & noise. This is not fun music. This is sensitive "popularisation" of some chinese sounding music. Quite dark, mystic and.. great! In part two, there's lot's of crazy improvisation or something like that. Some very interesting ones. I like that."

I imagine this album would do well as a CD reissue in a limited run.

Priority: none

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