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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gamma, Netherlands

Gamma - s/t (aka Alpha). 1973 private
Gamma - Darts. 1974 Pandora

On the debut, Gamma play an eclectic style. A mixture of jazz fusion, blues rock, and classically inspired introspective pieces. The vocalist sings in a heavily affected style, and sounds like a mutant drunk. Reminds me a little of the guy from Pat Cool - a Tom Jones clone that slipped from the laboratory before they were finished. The instrumentals are definitely the highlight. Hard to escape the Focus influence as well, not that many Dutch bands could.

"Darts" is quite a bit different and is a mix of sensual soft fusion with occasional loud guitar and organ leads. I like the mood of this one, and is quite pleasant. And for certain the better of the two efforts.

"Darts" is on the Pandora label (like Crypto) whereas the debut is considered one of The Netherlands' rarest private presses.

Priority: 3 (for Darts)

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