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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ra Can Row, USA

Ra Can Row - s/t. 1982 Eye.

Before there was the UK festival psych movement and groups like Ozric Tentacles, there was Ra Can Row, a Cincinnati based group who also enjoyed the Hillage-era Gong space jam. An amazing album when it arrived, it's too bad they stopped with only this one album.

Priority: 1


Anonymous said...

There is a LP reissue by Sunday,
with a different cover (2013)


Don Schott said...

Yes, I have notice there have been several pirated versions of this LP. As rights owner and producer and owner of Eye Records label I have not assigned any license to reproduce nor have I been presented any logical or purposeful attempts to acquire such a license at this date 16JAN2014.

My intention is to release this on CD and reissue vinyls that have not sold (I don't have jackets for them yet) and possibly reissue the vinyl if there is and need or demand.

Wish me luck.

Tom said...

Absolutely best of luck, Don! I'll be in touch soon. Thanks for the comment.