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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mad Curry, Belgium

Mad Curry - s/t. 1971 Pirate.

One of many albums I traded for with a well known Belgian dealer in the early to mid 90s. And even though this wasn't a big dollar album, especially for this dealer, it remains one of the best I ever received from him.

A superb early jazz infused progressive rock album with organ, electric saxophone, and witchy female vocals that is distinctly European, and of that era. Earth and Fire, Sandrose, Julian's Treatment, Fusion Orchestra, and Circus 2000 are all good reference points here. Fellow Belgian band Shampoo as well, more so with the jazzy disposition. 'Music, The Reason of Our Happiness' is just flat out one of the all-time great progressive jazz rock tracks. The soft vinyl multi foldout cover of the original is nothing short of amazing.

There is an legit LP reissue on Wah Wah as of Dec, 2013. But still no CD!

Priority: 1

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