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Monday, July 27, 2009

Verto, France

Verto - Krig Volubilis. 1976 Pole.
Verto - Reel 1936. 1978 Fleur.

Ah, there was one more non-reissued album from the VVV 1980's find (see Ibis entry) and here it is (Krig Volubilis that is). We'll see if there are others.

Verto is the one man guitar/electronic pseudonym of Jean-Pierre Grasset with multiple guests that seems to be modeled directly after Richard Pinhas and Heldon. And the results are similar, though less structured and more amateurish. If "Krig Volubilis" is Verto's "Electronique Guerilla", then "Reel 1936" is the "Interface" except far more experimental than Heldon's great work, much to its detriment.

Would make a great 2 for 1 CD.

Priority: 2 (based on the strength of Krig Volubilis)

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