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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tribu, Mexico

Tribu - Cuauhtemoc Agulia Solar. 1987 Pentagrama.

Tribu have a lot more albums than this, in fact Gnosis lists 10 of them, many without any ratings. Finding any info about Tribu has proven to be a challenge. The above album is the only one I've known about for years, and remains the only one I've heard. Tribu collaborated quite a bit with Jorge Reyes during this period.

Sometimes the album is known as "Fusion Etno-Rock" as it's stated that way on the cover, but that was to inform the buyer of the style of music. "Cuauhtemoc Agulia Solar" is a fusion of pre-Hispanic indigenous tribal music and modern day rock. Most of it is the former, but there are some supreme examples of the latter, with wonderful fuzzed out guitars and synth soloing. On these pieces, I'm most reminded of the Arco Iris album I recently listed, as well as Lula Cortes & Ze Remalho's "Paebiru" album. Had it been more fusion and less indigenous, I'd probably have rated this a Priority 2 or 3. I'll go with a no priority, but it's borderline, and fans of ancient world music in general will love this album.

Priority: none

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