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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rancid Poultry, England

Rancid Poultry - Controlled Exposure. 1989 Poultry Productions. Cassette only release.

Rancid Poultry came out of the 1980s festival scene, but arrived with some influences out of the industrial movement. Had they stuck around another year or two, most likely they would've been on a label like Mystic Stones or Demi Monde. Good raucous space rock - with some interesting screamed vocals. They had other cassettes, but this is the only one I purchased back then. Comes with a nice booklet as well.

Priority: 3

Thanks to the Alaskan Connection, we know their other cassettes as the following:

Rancid Riffs (1985) Land of Yrx
Leyline Lords of the Motorway Web (1986) Land of Yrx
Midnight Disendowed (1986) Land of Yrx
* Delicate Creatures (1986) Land of Yrx
* Rock 'N' Roll Won't Never Die! (1987) Poultry Productions
* Lungs Full of Lead (2xMC, 1989) Poultry Productions
HTIABR! (1990) Poultry Productions
* Live In Leads (But Steve Doesn't) (1992) Poultry Productions
* Musicide (19??)
* Qaotic Pestilence (19??)

The AC has provided me with many of these (noted with an *), which will probably take me until summer to get to. He's also provided me with the AMA album, which is related to Rancid Poultry.


Unknown said...

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to finding Rancid Polutry material/albums. I've searched fervently, but I've only heard one song off a comp. entitled "Remote Viewing Vol. 2. thus far. Any help would be much appreciated.



Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Elliot,

I have not seen any of the Rancid Poultry albums anywhere to date. I own one cassette and was provided more material by one of my readers, which I still haven't had a chance to go through yet.

Sorry :-(

- Tom

Anonymous said...

try soulseek. late 90's stuff is available

xylem777 said...

Official CDR reissues from Auricle, check the Ultima Thule site or on Discogs.