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Monday, May 17, 2010

Stefano Panteleoni, Italy

Stefano Panteleoni - Alle Muse. 1989 LMC.

Dark and brooding electronic album that recalls Arturo Stalteri's debut or maybe even Franco Leprino's "Integrati...Disintegrati". Very obscure album that I owned on LP for a few years (after first hearing it in Rome), and I haven't seen one since then.

Priority: none

I can't find a photo on the internet. The cover is pretty generic, with a white background. I'm sure one will turn up eventually, and I'll add it then. I sold my copy on ebay about 10 years ago.

Update: Well, leave it to Laser Ken to let me know this has already been reissued on CD! Looks like a private job on the Maestro label. Still no original cover, but I've pasted in the CD front. And I've also updated the year to 1989.

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