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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jean-Michel Desbouis, France

Jean-Michel Desbouis - Prince. 1982 FLVM

moved to UMR

Priority: 2


Anonymous said...


Appears to be a soundclip for the Prince Project here.


Purple Peak Records said...

Hey Wallace. Long time! How's things at the Zoo? You reminded me to check in.

Thanks for the comment.

- Tom

strawbsfan said...

Wow! The AC strikes again...what a treasure! As always love those comments and stories...keep them coming :)
Thanks a million

Tristan Stefan said...

you know, I've had this as 'prince' as well and guessed it was from the early eighties, and I've listened to it many times in the last few years, without realizing the beautiful female singer was of course stella, of whom I'm a huge fan!! thanks for pointing out the story behind this huge gem. I do hope it gets released properly, perhaps by musea?

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Tristan Stefan,

Good to hear from you. Great reviews over at Prog Not Frog! You have a couple over there I need to pull down as well that I've never even heard of. If I can ever get out from under this stack, I'm going too!

I wish Musea would get back into cool reissues. Maybe our best bet is Soleil Zeuhl and only because of the Stella Vander connection. I hope so! Frances Grosse was in touch with me about a year ago and looking to start up again, but it seems to fallen by the wayside (sigh).

Thanks for the comment!

- Tom

Tristan Stefan said...

looks like we've been playing "blog-tag" for some time... of course as you've noticed we've used your reviews as a touchstone for what to seek out in a lot of cases.