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Friday, February 17, 2012

Woorden, Netherlands

Woorden - s/t. 1968 Omega.

Ack - no real progress made last night. Still at least a day away from our latest big discovery. Back to the archives.

I could see this album having strong appeal to the right listener. And I'm not the right listener...

Woorden's sole work is a freaky jazz / beat poet / psychedelic album - primarily sung / spoken in Dutch, with some nonsensical English. Real underground sounds here. Imagine hitting North Beach circa 1967, and thinking those cats in Haight Ashbury are nothing more than a bunch of peacenik punks who'd run under Mommy's skirt the moment the "pigs" and "fuzz" broke up the party. But these guys would keep on smoking their cigarillos while still vehemently protesting against The Man..... Man.

Cool period artwork for the gatefold cover.

Priority: none

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