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Thursday, January 2, 2014

CD Reissue Wish List 2004

Many of you will remember that we revisited, last year at this time, an old list I had cobbled together for discussion on rec.music.progressive in the summer of 1996. Today, we're going to go through what was on my website January 24, 2004. This list is courtesy of archive.org and is a snapshot of what you would have found going to thomashayes.com and my CD Reissue Wish List. Back then, I had separate pages for News (which I have preserved and you can see via the labels on your right such as 2003-2005 News), one for the Primary List (what you see below), and one for Bootlegs. I gave up the latter for a few reasons: 1) I didn't want to get into Legal trouble. 2) I was inadvertently giving these pirates more press than they deserved. And 3) I couldn't keep up with them. Especially then, when boots were more rampant, and perhaps more accepted.

I think if anything else, the one positive aspect the CDRWL has accomplished, is to call out the importance of a high quality legitimate reissue. And I found that a lot of you agree with me that it's crucial to do reissues the right way. I've never been on a crusade and I'm not condemning anyone. I do this for selfish reasons... I don't want to buy cheap illegitimate bootlegs - and now I refuse to. I did that too willingly in the 90's only to regret it later when a high quality reissue came out forcing me to yet buy another copy, and having a worthless pirate edition on my hands to resell back into the marketplace. I still have a few of those in my collection from back then - but that number has dwindled to maybe under 20 now. It was once at least 4 times that.

OK, so let's address the list. At this point in 2004, it was still strictly a list with no info or descriptions of the recordings. In fact, I'm sure the original list that went up in 2003 would look similar, as I didn't focus too much on it back then. The CDRWL was still in its infancy, and it pretty much stayed this way until about late 2006 or so, when I was able to start fleshing out the descriptions. You'll still see on my early blog entries back in 2009 and 2010 only a skeleton of information. It's just a matter of having time to put a few quality words down for each. As well, I think it's worth stating that this was still my personal wishlist at this point, rather than a compendium of prog/psych/fusion/electronic rarities not on CD.

You'll notice all sorts of gaps below (Thirsty Moon, Satin Whale, Kraftwerk, Rainbow Theatre, etc...) and that's because I also had an "avoid bootleg" list as mentioned above. I didn't incorporate those into the below exercise, as it would have been too much work. Many of those bootlegs have since been reissued (like Thirsty Moon and Rainbow Theatre's albums), and many unfortunately have not. Maybe I'll review that list next year and see the progress.

Since I did something similar to last year, I'm not going to repeat the data on items I covered then, unless there's new info to share. So what I will do is state: See (or In) last year's list. This will give you incentive to look at that one too! :-) I'll note which ones have been reissued to save you the step.

The link to last year's list is HERE.

It's worth repeating that the 1996 list was thrown together for discussion, and wasn't really that comprehensive. In some ways, the below was also thrown together too without going through each entry thoroughly. And then of course, there were plenty of reissues between 1996 and 2004. There's quite a bit of crossover with the 1996 list, but also both of these have major gaps that I hope I've filled in the last few years.

(Just as a point of clarification, since one of my readers brought this to my attention: The list below is the 2004 list, as it was at the time, with newly added comments. It's not the updated full 2014 list. For that, you can always look at the main list, which I try to update as much as possible.)

A.R. and Machines - Echo (Germany)
A.R. and Machines - IV (Germany)
--- So we start with the complicated one! The debut "Die Grune Reise" had a very obscure reissue from Polydor at this point, that I knew about but didn't own. This was before the excellent 2007 Tangram CD that I bought immediately. By the time of this list, I had learned of another very obscure reissue on Spectrum for both AR3 and Autovision. Those things are so rare and obscure, that I now just have them in the CDRWL as entries that need reissue (but probably why they aren't listed here). Echo and IV have never been reissued, nor has Erholung. I have no idea why I left off the latter. Reichel announced a couple of years ago he was going to reissue all of these like "Die Grune Reise", but it's obviously not come to pass. I have no idea why. These are fantastic albums that would sell well. Unfortunately there are numerous boots out there - so watch out!

Abacus - s/t (Germany)
Abacus - Just a Day's Journey Away (Germany)
--- These still need legit reissues, as does Midway. The third album "Everything You Need" has been reissued. To be honest, the only one I care about is the splendid debut.

Aera - Humanum Est (Germany)
Aera - Hand und Fuss (Germany)
Aera - Akataki (Germany)
Aera - Turkis (Germany)
--- Hand und Fuss was reissued along with Humanum Est on the house label Erlkoenig in 2004 (probably right after this list). They also reissued the excellent Live along with Turkis. The lackluster Too Much and the very good Akataki remain unissued, and this is because they were on Speigelei, which is owned by a major label. I have Much Groh listed below.

AFT/Automatic Fine Tuning - s/t (England)
---Still in the CDRWL as a Priority 1! I called this album out specifically as an oversight on last year's list. I loved this album since the day I bought it in 1985. So that's how I knew the '96 list was hastily drawn up.

Airlord - Clockwork Revenge (New Zealand)
---See last year's list

Aku Aku - Humanquake (Czech Republic)
--- Turns out this album had already come out on CD on the Guerilla label. It's obscure though (I guess so is the LP which I own).

Alcatraz - Live: Trockeneis zum Frühstück (Germany)
Alcatraz - No. 4 (Germany)
---Both of these are still in the CDRWL along with the second album

Anna Sjalve Tredje - Tussilago Fanfara (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Another Roadside Attraction - s/t (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Aquarelle - s/t (Canada)
---Both Aquarelle albums were reissued by Belle Antique in 2010, though the sound isn't very good.

Artcane - Odyssee (France)
---See last year's list

Archimedes Badkar - s/t (Sweden)
Archimedes Badkar - II (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL. Watch for bootlegs!

Association P.C. - Earwax (Germany)
Association P.C. - Sun Rotation (Germany)
Association P.C. - Erna Morena (Germany)
Association P.C. - Mama Kuku (Germany)
Association P.C. - Rock Around the Cock (Germany)
---Mama Kuku received a quality reissue from the Promising label in 2008. The rest are still in the CDRWL.

Astre - Foresight (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Asturcon - s/t (Spain)
---Perhaps unbelievably, this one received a legit CD reissue in 2004 from Doblon, a label I never heard from again.

Atman - Duchy Przodkow Mieszkaja w Drzewach (Poland)
---This one is in the main list. I need to feature it at some point.

Autumn Beeze - Hostbris (Sweden)
---The band reissued this as a CD-R and download but nothing in a durable format. That's too bad. Still in the CDRWL.

Avalanche - Perseverance Kills Our Game (Netherlands)
---See last year's list.

Avel Nevez - Servis Compris (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Baba Yaga - Collage (Germany)
Baba Yaga - Cycle (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Gerardo Batiz - Harlequin (Mexico)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Berits Halsband - s/t (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Between - Contemplation (Germany)
---Reissued by Intuition in 2007

Bevis Frond - Bevis Through the Looking Glass (England)
---Reissued by Rubric in 2005

Bi Kyo Ran - Fairy Tale: Live Volume 1 (Japan)
---Looks like I removed this one even though I can't find a reissue. OK - will add back soon!

Black Sun Ensemble - s/t (Restless version) (USA)
---Well... it would appear I did the same thing here. WTH? So I will add it back! Now the first album from 1985 has been reissued on CD - just not the 1988 one. I really like this album, so it's odd I would have left it out. Oversight I guess.

Toto Blanke - Spider's Dance (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Wolfgang Bock - Cycles (Germany)
--- See last year's list

Bounty - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Brave New World - Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley (Germany)
---See last year's list. Lots of bootlegs still.

Cai - Mas Alla de Nuestras Mentes Diminutas (Spain)
---This one did get self-released by the band, but has been universally panned as a crappy effort. So I've left in the CDRWL.

Cal - s/t (Spain)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Chakra - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Champignons - Premiere Capsule (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Chemical - s/t (England)
---Still in the CDRWL. In the main list only.

Cherokee Mist - Anthem of the Moon (England)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Chou Parot - Live (Scotland)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Cincinnato - s/t (Italy)
---Reissued by AMS in 2006

Circus - s/t (Switzerland)
Circus - Tearless, Fearless and Evenless (Switzerland)
--- And of course most folks would like to see "Movin' On" reissued again. The Decoder CD from 1990 is legit, and I do own it myself. But I've added into the CDRWL as many people missed out on it the first time.

Coma - Financial Tycoon (Denmark)
Coma - Amoc (Denmark)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Combo FH - Veci (Czech Republic)
---Reissued by Indies Happy Trails in 2008

Robert Connolly - Plateau (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Connivence - s/t (Canada)
Connivence - II (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Contraction - s/t (Canada)
Contraction - La Bourse ou la Vie (Canada)
---Both reissued by ProgQuebec in 2005.

Crossfire - s/t (Australia)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Cultural Noise - Aphorisms Insane (Austria)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Cybotron - s/t (Australia)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Cybotron - Implosion (Australia)
---Now this title did get reissued by Aztec in 2006. And Colossus was reissued years ago by Inak.

Dakila - s/t (Philippines)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Wolfgang Dauner - Rischkas Soul (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Wolfgang Dauner + Et Cetera - Et Cetera (aka Lady Blue) (Germany)
---This title was reissued by Long Hair in 2008.

Wolfgang Dauner + Et Cetera - Knirsch (Germany)
---This title was reissued by HGBS in 2010.

Wolfgang Dauner + Et Cetera - Live (Germany)
---And this one is still in the CDRWL.

Den Za Den - s/t (Yugoslavia)
---Still in the CDRWL. I now have it listed properly as from Macedonia.

Dennis - Hyperthalamus (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Franck Dervieux - Dimension M (Canada)
---See last year's list. This is the first title we've come across now (if reading top to bottom) that was reissued after being in both lists!

Dialect - s/t (Brazil)
---Still in the CDRWL. It sits in the main list only. They re-recorded the album in 2008, but the original remains unissued.

Docmec - Objet Non Identifie (Switzerland)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Dr. Dopo Jam - Crusin' at Midnite (Denmark)
---Still in the CDRWL. I should have listed Fat Dogs and Danishmen as well, since only a boot exists. Entree was reissued years ago by Karma.

Alain Eckert Quartet - s/t (France)
---This was just reissued in 2013 by Soleil Zeuhl. And the CD is fantastic with 31 minutes of live material that absolutely blows the doors off the original studio recording. It's a must!

Eden - s/t (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Edition Speciale - Aliquante (France)
Edition Speciale - Horizon Digital (France)
---Both reissued by Musea (2004 and 2007 respectively)

Eiderstellaire - s/t (France) K001 album
---Despite what "EVERYBODY" said, this was finally reissued by Soleil Zeuhl in 2011. I never believed the naysayers. You know what's funny? The same people who stomped all over threads insisting this would never get reissued, are the SAME PEOPLE saying the SAME THING about other albums on this list. Do they ever learn anything? Just shut up would ya?

Elektrikus - Electronic Mind Waves (Italy)
---Reissued by AMS in 2007.

Ellufant - s/t (Release Concert) (Netherlands)
---See last year's list.

Emergency Exit - Sortie de Secours (France)
---See last year's list.

Emma Myldenburger - MS (Germany)
Emma Myldenburger - Tour de Trance (Germany)
---Both reissued by Garden of Delights in 2006.

Energy - s/t (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL.

L'Engoulevent - I'ile ou Vivent les Loups (Canada)
---Reissued by ProgQuebec in 2006.

Eskaton - Fiction (France)
---See last year's list (reissued!)

Ex Ovo Pro - European Spassvogel (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL. Along with their second album.

Ex Vitae - Mandarine (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Ezra Winston - Myth of the Chrysavides (Italy)
---Still in the CDRWL. I really can't believe this album never came out on CD.

Facedancers - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Franco Falsini - Cold Nose (Italy)
---See last year's list (sort of reissued)

Falstaff - Prononcez (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Fantasia - s/t (Finland)
---See last year's list (reissued!)

First Aid - Nostradamus (England)
---See last year's list.

Flaming Bess - Verlorene Welt (Germany)
---This had been reissued in 2003, but I had missed it at the time.

Flowers - From Pussies to Death in 10,000 Years of Freakout (Japan)
---This is a bootleg in of itself and should not have been in the list.

Flying Island - s/t (USA)
Flying Island - Another Kind of Space (USA)
---Both still in the CDRWL

Fondation - Sans Etiquette (France) cassette release
---Still in the CDRWL.

Formas - Largos Suenos (Spain)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Galie - 1986 (Mexico)
---In last year's list

Good God - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

The Michael Gordon Philharmonic - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Muck Groh - Muckefuck (Germany)
---Reissued by Long Hair in 2011.

Le Groupe X - Frrrrrigidaire (Italy)
Le Groupe X - Out, Off (Italy)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Guns and Butter - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Guruh Gipsy - s/t (Indonesia)
---Still in the CDRWL. Reissued on LP by Shadoks in 2006.

Gutura - Des Etres Au Cerveau Apparent (France)
---In last year's list

Jukka Hauru - Information (Finland)
Jukka Hauru - Episode (Finland)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Heaven - s/t (USA) 1970 album
---Still in the CDRWL.

Chris Hinze Combination - Stoned Flute (Netherlands)
Chris Hinze Combination - Mission Suite (Netherlands)
Chris Hinze Combination - Who Can See the Shadow of the Sun (Netherlands)
Chris Hinze Combination - Sister Slick (Netherlands)
---Still in the CDRWL.Yep, all of them.

Humanist Advent Concept - Invasion (Canada)
---Both HAC albums were reissued by Long Hair in 2008.

Humus - Whispering Galleries (Mexico)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Hunk Ai - s/t (Denmark)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Hydravion - s/t (France)
Hydravion - Stratos Airlines (France)
---In last year's list

Hydrus - Midnight in Space (Italy)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Ibis - s/t (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Ibliss - Supernova (Germany)
---Reissued by Garden of Delights in 2009.

Igra Staklenih Perli - Vrt Svetlosti (Yugoslavia)
---This was reissued along with the debut (which I probably had in the "bootleg" section at the time) on PGP in 2007

Igra Staklenih Perli - Inner Flow (Yugoslavia)
Igra Staklenih Perli - Soft Explosion Live (Yugoslavia)
Igra Staklenih Perli - Drives (Yugoslavia)
---All these archival releases from Serbia are still in the CDRWL.

Images - s/t (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Inserts - Out of the Box (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

It's My Head - s/t (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Ixt Adux - Brainstorm (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Jessica - s/t (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Joy Unlimited - Schmetterling (Germany)
Joy Unlimited - Minne (Germany)
---These have been reissued by Garden of Delights in 2005 and 2008 respectively. Reflections, which I didn't have here at the time, was reissued by GoD in 2007.

Katamaran - s/t (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL. All 3 titles.

Charles Kazcynski - Lumiere de la Nuit (Canada)
---See last year's list (reissued!)

Kebnekaise - Elefanten (Sweden)
---In last year's list.

Kennedy - Twinkling NASA (Japan)
---This just came out on CD in 2013 on King!

Klockwork Orange - s/t (Austria)
---One of the major pleasant surprises was the reissue of this title by Digatone in 2013. Belle Antique followed with a Japanese mini-LP if you weren't interested in the double LP.

Komintern - Le Bal du Rat Mort (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Kontrast - s/t (Germany)
---Reissued by Cosmic  Egg in 2008.
Anders Koppel - Aftenlandet and Regnbuefuglen (Denmark)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Kracq - Circumvision (Belgium)
---In last year's list (reissued!)

Kvartetten Som Sprangde - Kattvalls (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL. Received a legit LP reissue from Subliminal Sounds in 2013, but no CD yet.

L.S. Bearforce - s/t (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Pascal Languirand - Minos (Canada)
Pascal Languirand - De Harmonia Universalia (Canada)
Pascal Languirand - Vivre Ici Maintenant (Canada)
---There's a compilation of the first 2 that came out in 1993, which I don't own, but I think it's incomplete. Still in the CDRWL.

Laura - s/t (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Lethe - s/t (Netherlands)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Claude Leveillee - Black Sun (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Mingo Lewis - Flight Never Ending (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL. There were rumors it might come out, but nothing surfaced.

Loch Ness - s/t (Mexico)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Yves et Alain Lorentz - Espaces 2 (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Ma Banlieue Flasque - s/t (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Michel Madore - Le Komuso a Cordes (Canada)
Michel Madore - La Chambre Nuptiale (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL. The first album has been thrown out there as a possibility for ProgQuebec, but they haven't executed on it yet.

Mahagon - s/t (Czech Republic)
---Reissued by Indies Happy Trails in 2008.

Maneige - s/t (Canada)
Maneige - Les Porches (Canada)
---These much requested albums finally came out on ProgQuebec in 2007

Marakesh - s/t (Netherlands)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Alain Markusfeld - Le Desert Noir (France)
Alain Markusfeld - Platock (France)
---Funny that I didn't even know about the first two, and much better, albums at the time (or maybe they were in the bootleg list? Ah yes - that's where they were!). All of the Markusfeld's are still in the CDRWL.

Memoriance - Et Apres (France)
Memoriance - L'Ecume Des Jours (France)
---Both still in the CDRWL.

Metabolisme - Tempus Fugit (France)
---Reissued by Musea in 2005

Metabolist - Hansten Klork (England)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Mirror - Daybreak (Netherlands)
---In last year's list

Missus Beastly - Dr. Aftershave and the Mixed Pickles (Germany)
Missus Beastly - Spaceguerilla (Germany)
---The first one received a reissue from Garden of Delights in 2011. "Spaceguerilla" was scheduled on GoD for last year, then for certain in 2013. Looks like 2014 now...

Moira - Crazy Countdown (Germany)
Moira - s/t (aka Reise Nach Ixtlan) (Germany)
---Both still in the CDRWL.

Moolah - Woe Ye Demons Possessed (USA)
---Tough one here. The EM label of Japan supposedly reissued this legit in 2005. In recent years, I've heard that isn't the case. I bought it at the time, and I'm clinging on the hope that it is legit. Fortunately I have the original LP just in case.

Morse Code - Procreation (Canada)
---Reissued by ProgQuebec in 2007.

Michel Moulinie - Chrysalide (France)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Munju - High Speed Kindergarten (Germany)
Munju - Moon You (Germany)
Munju - Le Perfectionniste (Germany)
Munju - Brot + Spiele (Germany)
---All of these remain in the CDRWL. Band says masters are lost and they proceeded to throw them up on their website for free download. Seems that is the final state. Too bad. 

Nishin - Dai Dai (Japan)
---In last year's list.

Noa - s/t (France)
---Reissued by Soleil Zeuhl in 2011.

Nova Express - Space Khmer (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Nuance - Il est une Legende (France)
---In last year's list.

Ocarinah - Premiere Vision de L'etrange (France)
---In last year's list. Priority 1!

October - s/t (USA)
October - After the Fall (USA)
---In last year's list

Octopus - The Boat of Thoughts (Germany)
---Reissued by Sireena in 2009.

Oniris - L'Homme Volier (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

The Oroonies - Of Hoof and Horn (England)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Het Pandorra Ensemble - III (Netherlands)
---In last year's list (reissued!)

Pantha - Dowaydo Dowaydo (Australia)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Pinguin - Der Grosse Rote Vogel (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Plat du Jour - s/t (France)
---Still in the CDRWL. Priority 1!

Polestar - Flying Through the Universe (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Prisma - s/t (Netherlands)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Project Tyme - Clockwyse (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Proteus - Infinite Change (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Psi - Horizonte (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Psynkopat - Har Vi Nagen Stil (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Public Foot the Roman - s/t (England)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Pughs Place & Others - Child in Time (Netherlands)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Quad - s/t (England)
Quad - 2 (England)
---Quad 2 is still in the CDRWL but the first one did get reissued by Lion (USA) in 2005.

Quasar - Nebular Trajectory (Australia)
Quasar - Man Coda (Australia)
--- Both still in the CDRWL.

Ra Can Row - s/t (USA)
---In last year's list

Radio Noisz Ensemble - Yniverse (Germany)
---Reissued by Garden of Delights in 2009.

Radiomobel - Gudang Garam (Sweden)
---Reissued by Transubstans in 2006.

Rialzu - s/t (Corsica)
---Reissued by Musea in 2008.

Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis - s/t (France)
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - No. 2 (France)
---Technically "No. 2" has been reissued legit, but in a crappy box set. The first one has never been reissued.

Claudio Rocchi - Essenza (Italy)
---One of the very few Italian albums still in the CDRWL.

Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - ..Giudizio Avrai (Italy)
---Ha! And here's another. Though this was an archival release from 1988. Not quite the same.

Saino- s/t (France)
---In last year's list

Saisai-Koubou - s/t (Japan)
---In last year's list

Scapa Flow - Uuteen Aikaan (Finland)
---Reissued by Rocket in 2010.

Gunther Schickert - Samtvogel (Germany)
---Finally reissued by Important in 2013!

Secret Oyster - Sea Son (Denmark)
---I only listed this title, but The Laser's Edge famously reissued them all in 2006/2007.

Sensations Fix - s/t (Italy)
Sensations Fix - Portable Madness (Italy)
Sensations Fix - Finest Finger (Italy)
---All of these are available legit via box sets, but none have been done the right way.

Sepi Kuu - Rannan Usvassa (Finland)
---See last year's list. Priority 1!

Seventh Seal - s/t (Japan)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Lourivale Silvestre - Fiction Musicale (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Sirius - Running to Paradise (Germany)
---In last year's list. 

Skywhale - The World at Mind's End (England)
---Reissued in 2006 by the band!

Solar Plexus - s/t (Sweden)
Solar Plexus - Solar Plexus 2 (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Strave - Vision (France)
---Reissued by Soleil Zeuhl  in 2012.

Streetdancer - Rising (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Super Freego - Pourquoi es-tu si Mechant? (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Tabletom - Mezclalina (Spain)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Terraced Garden - Melody and Menace (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Thomas Flinter - s/t (Netherlands)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Tomorrow's Gift - Goodbye Future (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL. Watch out for boots!

Tonic - This Way (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Tortilla Flat - Fur Ein 3/4 Stundchen (Germany)
---In last year's list. Priority 1!

Touch - Traumwerk 1 (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL. Band technically should be listed as TOuCH.

True Myth - s/t (Canada)
---Reissued by Belle Antique in 2010. I never did hear this reissue after getting burned by the Aquarelle's. I still have the LP of course.

Tyll - Sexphonie (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Uludag - Mau Mau (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Ungava - s/t (Canada)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Daniel Vega - La Noche que Preced a la Batalla (Spain)
---Reissued by Fonomusic in 2005.

Verto - Krig Volubilis (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Viola Crayola - s/t (USA)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Steven Maxwell Von Braund - Monster Planet (Australia)
---Still in the CDRWL. Was announced to be reissued by Aztec before they went under. The label has since been renamed to Sandman with new owners. And to date, they seem to have little interest in Australia's progressive past. Hopefully they'll reconsider.

Von Zamla - No Make Up! (Sweden)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Vos Voisons - s/t (Canada)
---Reissued by ProgQuebec in 2011.

Yezda Urfa - Boris (USA)
---Reissued by Syn-Phonic in 2004, after a decade of waiting for the artwork ;-)

Ys - Madame la Frontiere (France)
---Still in the CDRWL.

Zartong - s/t (Armenia)
---In last year's list.

Zyma - Brave New World (Germany)
---Still in the CDRWL. Been on Garden of Delights Coming Soon list for a number of years now. I still hope they'll do it!

Whoa! That was exhausting. Well, I hope it was an entertaining retrospective. It's nice to see that many of these albums were reissued. And hopefully more to come!


Wallace said...

Fantastic job there, Tom!

Most interesting.

Some of those cd ommissions are just undefensable( no such word methinks)/unconscionable. Beyond understanding, unless you put it down to uncertain times and no one wanting to take the risk.

I want to steal your words and put them down on a small forum - only 5 guys (and one,at that, is into Frankie Goes To Hollywood)- cos that's the kind of bastard I is.

Is that okay by you?

-Wallace, Principoos of Eagles

Purple Peak Records said...

No problem Wallace. Always good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Achim Reichel/A.R. & Machines, both Echo and ARIV were indeed reissued together as a double CD set several years ago. Not sure of the label, I'm not at home right now, but I have it at home and I believe it's a legit reissue.

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Anon - I know of which one you speak of. On New Amos. Unfortunately it's a bootleg. :-(

More data here: http://www.discogs.com/AR-Machines-Echo-AR-IV/release/2749872