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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

News: Troc reissued on CD

Ironically the first news item for 2014 is probably old news, but I'm just now seeing it for the first time via Ken's updates. The label is a large French publishing company called Frémeaux & Associés, who we've not run into before. I never did get around to featuring this title, but it was in the main list.

Label says: "In the tradition of Miles Davis, Weather Report and others taking jazz to new shores in the early Seventies, “Troc” was a legendary yet short-lived quintet whose only album was issued in 1972 – a rough diamond from the seams of jazz/ rock and other hallucinatory experiments… Drummer André Ceccarelli recently reformed the group to record “Troc 2011” for Universal and its success leads to this Frémeaux reissue of the band’s epic first album — now available for the first time on CD — together with two bonus titles recorded at that same historic session."

I have another news item that is actually two years old, but I'm still trying to secure one ahead of the announcement. And I have a couple of CD-R revisits that I came across last night that will probably find its way on here starting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have that as original LP and I do not think I like it that much, that I would buy in addition the CD. This is rather your standard british Jazzrock of the early 70s (Colosseum, Web, Samurai, Warm Dust, Mogul Thrash) with a strong bluesy singer (Ligertwood), but no horns. The playing of the band is quite good (Jannick Top on bass), but Ligertwoods expressive voice somehow kills the music (but, of course, there are people who might like exactly a voice like that). Strangely, this seems to have been reissued in 1973 as „Alex Ligertwood And Co ‎– Old Man River“ (Suzelle), with a slightly different track list (including those two tracks, that now show up as bonus on this CD-Reissue).

Many greetings,


Tom said...

Hi Achim,

My notes in the main CD list seem to reflect your sentiment regarding this album. Though all the comparison bands you used are better than Troc I think! I'm thinking of getting the CD anyway, as I never did buy the LP. Interesting about the 1973 reissue!

Thanks for the comment!

- Tom

nnknsh said...

I recall this one came out in the first half of 2013.
I agree with both of you that this is rather average album, well played but nothing remarkable sort of funky / bluesy Jazz rock. I kind of liked it as I like the style, but not as much to buy an original so for me the CD reissue done just enough.

I remember that Janic Top does not appear on the Ligertwood & Co. album, so assumed it as an earlier / different recording from Troc, so it actually being a modified reissue is news to me.

Frémeaux have a wide range of catalogue, and while most are out of proggers interest there are few titles that have Prog connection like Swings Strings System (Didier Levallet's post Confluence band, with other Confluence members and two former Zao violinists Didier Lockwood and Jean Yves Rigaud) and also a career retrospetive + rare tracks compilation CD of Yochk'o Seffer, and few avant jazz releases by the likes of Claude Barthelemy, Sylvain Kassap.


nnknsh said...

BTW, Troc have an reunion album that came out in 2011 (titled "2011") from Fremaux.
Unfortunately this one was also competent yet average, in similar direction but slicker, modern sound.

Tom said...

Thanks Nobuhisa for the comment and insights about Troc and the label!

Eddie Lascu said...

I bought the CD the first time I spotted it on Laser Edge's webpage. I kind of fallen pray to the nice write-up that accompanied the listing of the CD on the website because I agree with Achim and Nobuhisa: it is a decent album, but nothing extraordinary, perhaps falling in the "for completest only" category.

Tom said...

Hi Eddie,

And my review on the main page wasn't much better. But funny enough, I got more out of this album now that I own it on CD, than prior. There's some problems, sure, but overall it's a keeper. I'll be featuring on UMR soon!

Thanks for the comment!

- Tom