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Sunday, January 19, 2014

News: Gregor Cürten / Anselm Rogmans (Planes) reissued on CD

As indicated in the Troc reissue blurb, here is news that is actually TWO years old, but I just now got wind of it. The Gregor Cürten / Anselm Rogmans "Planes" has been reissued by a UK label called Entr'Acte, who do not normally reissue albums. It took me a bit to obtain this CD, but after finally receiving it, I'm kind of glad they aren't in the reissue market. Their CDs come in a silver foil bag, with perfunctory information printed on the front regarding the release. I think the idea is to then go to their website and print out the front and back covers, and other relevant artwork. Hence the label name (interact - get it?). Yea, no thanks on that approach. You guys can stop reissuing albums at any time. It might be fine for new CDs, but that's not the way to do reissues. On the plus side, the sound is great and it is absolutely legit. So bravo to them for that at least.  This album was first presented to me as Planes - I'll Remember the Landscape on Your Face. I'll be featuring on the UMR soon as well.

Special thanks to reader Eric for alerting me of this reissue!

Worth mentioning that my friends Achim and Eric disagree with me regarding the packaging. So I think it's only fair to mention in the label's defense!


spacefreak said...

Didn't know it was on Entr'Acte (a label definitely NOT known for reissues). I can also inform anyone interested that the artists still have few original vinyl copies for sale. I got two for a friend of mine in early 2013.

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Spyros for the comment! Good info for vinyl collectors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom!

I read your post and ordered it right away. It arrived today and I am playing it right now. Thats good droning kraut electronic stuff. Like it!

Actually, I think this packaging is quite cool. I never got a vacuum sealed CD, so far! :-) Bur really, I do not think this is that annoying. It fits to the music. I would consider it not as a reissue, rather a re-release with new "artwork". And it safes space in the CD shelf (an shipping was quite cheap).

Many greetings,


Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks Achim for sharing your views regarding the packaging and I'm glad you obtained one right away!

(I updated the post with your observations, as I'm finding that perhaps I'm in the minority here :-) )