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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Inside Out, USA

Inside Out - Projection. 1981 Corbett

Another one from the batch that The AC sent me back in November (gasp!). Of all the albums sent to me, I heard this one as the most typical of the time and place. Solid jazz with a fusion undertone. A bit of classic 60s Miles / Coltrane mixed with some mid-late 70s Weather Report and even a little breezy tropical island styled fusion similar to Spyro Gyra. A very easy listen, and while maybe not a high priority reissue, something well worth hearing. Especially for deep divers of the genre. The AC adds further: "Yet another obscure late 70s/early 80s fusion album, from a Maryland based group. This time, the main ingredients are keys and melodic sax, as there's no guitar in sight here (save for some acoustic work on the final track). Both sides have a similar structure, with two light but pleasant fusion tracks sandwiching a longer, more intense progressive-tinged piece. These lengthier numbers are what really make the album, as they're much more complex and energetic, with some excellent synthesizer soloing. Worth seeking out for fans of the style."

Concerning the date: Gnosis, Discogs, and the AC say 1981. RYM has 1980. Don't own the LP myself... I'll put 1981 for now on consensus.

Priority: none

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