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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Banchee, USA

Banchee – s/t. 1969 Atlantic
Banchee - Thinkin'. 1971 Polydor

New York / Boston based psych hard rock group. On the debut album, Banchee play a typical jangly “West Coast” psych that’s as much Quicksilver as it is The Byrds. Not to say the album doesn’t have its moments, or forward thinking ideas (jazz, heavy rock, trippy). Definitely worth seeking out for a listen.

Banchee re-emerged on Thinkin' as an aggressive hard rock group with plenty of great wah wah guitar. There’s even a little of that feel-good Rare Earth or Grand Funk Railroad jam quality. A good mix of ripping Latin styled hard rock and more typical blues rock. Considered a must own by hard rock heads. Boots exist for both.

Priority: 3 

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