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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ungava, Canada

Ungava - s/t. 1977 36 Records.

On the surface it would appear Ungava would be yet another power trio, given their guitar-bass-drums lineup. But the 2 guest musicians, one on keys and the other on sax/flute appear to have far more than cameo appearances as seemingly they are part of the band, perhaps leaving just prior to release and being relegated to "guest". This is one of Quebec's finest, recalling Opus 5 or Maneige in places, but with the added strong guitar work. Maybe not Frank Marino or Walter Rossi strong, but still some high quality six stringing going on amongst the complex progressive rock compositions. Excellent album. Bootlegs exist.

Priority: 2


strawbsfan said...

Great album worth owning. Quite hard to find on vinyl but much easier since it's CD release last year on the Mandala label...I think it is legit???

Tom said...

Hi SF, Unfortunately Mandala is a known pirate label :-(

strawbsfan said...

Another one to stay away from then! Thanks Tom for the continuing education :)