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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oratorium, Germany

Oratorium - s/t (Germany) 1972 private (though ASS is prominently featured on the cover and label).

Sounds more like a 1968 era American garage psych album, than anything typically coming from Germany circa 1972. Excepting the semi-narrated vocals in German of course. Somewhat like Ainigma's "Diluvium", but a better reference is some of the 45's coming from the German underground as featured on Garden of Delight's "Psychedelic Gems" series. Straightforward rock n roll songs, with Farfisa organ, slightly fuzzy guitars, echoed piano and a lot of vocals. A very unusual sound for Germany, so I can understand the collector appeal.

Priority: none


proghog said...

Hey that's my recording where did you get this from.....????

Tom said...

Hi Proghog,

I got this one from my friend Heavyrock, who buys a ton of stuff on ebay.

It's really not that uncommon of a record as you can see:


Are you a member of the band?

- Tom