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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lougarou / Garolou, Canada

Lougarou - s/t. 1976 London.
Garolou - s/t. 1978 London.

Quebec based progressive folk (sung in French) similar to L’Engouvelent or Connivence. A bit more rocking than either of those groups, especially on Garolou. Both are fine albums, and aren't that far from related Gallic efforts by Malicorne, Ys, Avaric and many others. Garolou is a clever name change and is in reality the group's second album. While this is generally straight ahead folk rock, there are snippets of complex progressive rock sections that make it more than just a casual curiosity. They went on to record two other albums under the Garolou moniker that are of lesser interest. I would expect ProgQuebec to eventually get to these, as I imagine there's some local, if maybe not international, demand.

Be sure to read the comments, as a user gives details how on how most of these albums have already been reissued.

Priority: 3


Anonymous said...

It's debatable these albums were "reissued" on CD: the two volumes of "Tableaux d'hier" (first released by Just a Memory, then Musicor, then possibly Unidisc) paired _most_ of each album with most of their other two studio albums from that era: the Naylor-penned instrumental "Eclipse" is missing from "Lougarou", the 2-minute acoustic stomp of "Alouette" from "Garolou". Sadly, with advancements in CD length, both could have easily fit on the compilations and then some.

A few years ago, I'd contacted a few of the band members who'd admitted they were discussing an updated rerelease of the albums on CD, as they owned the rights. "Garolou"s assistant recording engineer also voiced interest in helping out. I've yet to hear anything since.

Tom said...

Thanks Anon for these notes. I had no idea these albums were even close to being reissued. I'll leave the entry here, and we'll hope for a more complete reissue. Meanwhile your comments here will be helpful for many.