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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Third Eye, Germany-Netherlands

Third Eye - s/t. 1976 Ring.
Third Eye - Connexion. 1977 Ring. *** Reissued by Sonorama in 2013 ***

On the surface, Third Eye would seem to be a typical mid to late 1970s kraut fusion album, of which there are dozens. That is, until you hear the mellotron being played like a flautist would play his solo! It's really odd to hear this traditional symphonic prog / electronik musik instrument used in this context. For this alone, Third Eye is worth seeking out. There's also a classically inspired romantic piece, cocktail piano, a drum solo, typical fusion runs. Bizarre.

"Connexion" is a completely different animal and far more traditional jazz than its predecessor. Gone is the mellotron and all the interesting fusion of styles. Still, it's worth a few listens. Thanks to Heavyrock for the original listen and The AC for sending me a copy (March 2011).

Priority: 3

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Solid Snake said...


Could it be possible to upload the album third eye?
That would be great to hear it I can't find it nowhere.