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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Braen's Machine, Italy *** REISSUED ***

Braen's Machine - Underground. 1971 Liuto. *** Reissued by Schema in May 2014 ***
Braen's Machine - Temi Ritmici e Dinamici. 1973 Liuto.

"Underground" is simply an amazing find. Take one part instrumental film/library/exploito ala Blue Phantom, The Bigroup and Ugly Custard and complete that with atmospheres that rival the earliest Krautrock scene ala early Guru Guru. Absolutely phenomenal fuzz guitar throughout, with loads of studio effects. The sound on "Temi Ritmici e Dinamici" is a lot more hokey, with goofy electronics and ancient organ. There's also some nice flute passages, but the fuzz is gone here. Would make a good 2 for 1 CD, as "Underground" is a must. These impossibly rare albums will set you back close to $1K each, so a legit CD issue is definitely due.

Priority: none (for Temi...)

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