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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Albert, USA

The Albert - s/t. 1970 Perception (plp 4)
The Albert - s/t. 1971 Perception (plp 9)

And the award for most confusing discography goes to.... The Albert! Two albums, both self-titled, same year, and on the same label. Yea, that makes it easy to research (edit: of late the new discographies claim that plp 9 is from 1971 which is probably correct). This is the last of Heavyrock's albums we'll feature from my last visit over. Due to a bit of confusion with the above titles, I've still only heard plp 9. He originally had played it for me some 3 years ago (and I now have a CD-R which allowed me a closer inspection) and I didn't realize he had plp 4. But indeed he does! So next time I see him I'll get a copy. I suspect it's similar in sound, but if it is significantly different, then I'll post a separate update.

Feb 2014 update: And, as it turns out, I bought a sealed LP of this recently, and the below review does indeed stand true for it as well.

The Albert definitely fall on the soul-jazz/pop side of the horn rock equation. But there's some really fine horn charts, hard guitar and organ that separate this one from the pack. Also check out the well done sax and trumpet solos. I think fans of the genre will definitely want to hear these.

Priority: none

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