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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Collective Star, USA

The Collective Star - Music of the Mantric Wave, Part II. 1974 Unaminous Anonymous.
The Collective Star - Garuda. 1975 Unaminous Anonymous.

The Collective Star is keyboardist Paul Ramana Das Silbey's first foray into recorded music, while still a resident of New York City. Today he is known as a "romantic classical concert pianist". The Collective Star is what I'd call proto New Age music. Plenty of what is known today as "world music" presents itself, via eastern instrumentation and scales (hand percussion, sitar). Lots of period lyrics full of love and peace. Honestly music like this can be very interesting, and I think in the formative stages as is the case here, it was. It's more authentic than the sanitized gloss we've been subjected to since the early 1980s. A little edgy in the jam sessions (acoustic guitar, flute, piano, organ). Maybe even a little anger that hasn't quite been purged yet. Not exactly Popol Vuh for the "higher key" sweepstakes, but not a bad benchmark either. Also the NYC group Arica may have played an influence here. I haven't heard "Garuda" or the multitude of his later releases.

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